About Us

New Side was founded in February 2016 by the very young entrepreneur Robert Jespersen. With the vision that he would be able to sell his designs in the form of clothes, with better products on the textile market, the name also emphasizes just that New Side - on the world. By 2017 New Side, decided to switch to various accessories and thereby switch the brand to a merchandise shop, which would mean that there would be a wider selection of products. In 2018 we opened the shop for the international market. That meant that we could reach more happy customers.


"I've always had the vision of getting my message on the world in one way or another, and now I can with New Side. I want to show you a new side of the merchandise market that you have never seen before. And I'm striving after being able to provide the best service with customers as a first priority. "(- Robert Jespersen in 2016)

You should all have a good feeling when shopping with us so I appreciate any kind of feedback you have about your experience when shopping with us.